Choosing the right kind of clothing for your session will help keep you comfortable and happy.

Thick cotton tracksuit tops/hoodies and jeans will soak up water if you get wet, becoming heavy and making you cold. Bulky jackets and coats will seem like a good idea on cold days but will restrict movement and again become very heavy and uncomfortable when wet.

Try to wear lighter weight, fast drying synthetic clothing, the type people would normally wear to go to the gym or play sports in. Fleece jumpers or jackets are ideal as a warm layer. A light weight waterproof jacket is handy, even on dry days as it will give protection from the wind.

Footwear should be secure, ideally with either laces or straps. Wellies, slip-ons and filp flops tend to fall off and get lost if you capsize.

Canoes are very stable craft, and people rarely get wet, but please make sure everyone brings a complete change of clothing, and a towel, just in case.